Whether you’re already involved in sports and entertainment marketing and looking for an ‘edge’ or trying to find the most efficient and effective point of entry, we can help.  J5 Partners and its network of expert service providers can offer a variety of services which will help to ensure success.  Here are some key examples:

Sponsorship Sales 

J5 Partners has developed a team of well-connected and experienced sales executives who collectively have over 100 years of sponsorship marketing expertise. Our team has worked on some of the largest sponsorship agreements in the sports and entertainment industries and has corporate relationships that span the globe. We provide our expertise when and where needed in a more cost-efficient manner than the typical firm. This value creation is possible due to our flexible global structure where our clients pay only for the expertise needed, not ongoing agency overhead.

Contract Negotiation

J5 Partners has been directly involved in the negotiation of many sponsorship agreements, including bowl game title sponsorships and stadium/arena naming rights contracts.  Clients benefit from the strategic analysis, contract protection, and win-win agreements that are developed.

Strategic Consulting

No matter where you are in the sponsorship process – just starting out or an industry veteran – it pays dividends to follow somebody who’s already walked through the minefield.  We offer insights and direction on many of the opportunities and pitfalls that may not be immediately apparent.  These typically include such things as:

  • Clarifying sponsorship goals
  • Cultivating a healthy and productive partner relationship
  • Establishing criteria for and documenting performance
  • Enhancing or augmenting existing initiatives
  • Blending sponsorship activities with other marketing initiatives
  • Determining appropriate budget allocations
  • Identifying the right partner(s)

Business Development

J5 Partners can help you determine new business objectives and create a game plan to optimize success.  In addition, due to its wealth of sports and entertainment industry contacts, J5 Partners can open doors and get to decision-makers in a faster and less expensive way than traditional methods. But we don’t stop there.  We can also help win the business by presenting a compelling case and structuring a mutually-beneficial relationship.

Sponsorship Evaluation

An important part of the process both for corporations and properties is the evaluation and research component.  Knowing the true and up-to-date value of a sponsorship enables a property to offer it fairly, competitively and confidently.  Corporate sponsors benefit from this informational also, as they’re able to internally justify the value of an agreement and accurately compare it with other items in their marketing portfolio.